Our Philosophy on Life

Welcome to SpyLiving.com . Today’s manifesto will explain, what SpyLiving is all about. But first, lets discuss, what spy living is not about. This is not about, being a spy, spying on people, trying to overthrow a government, hack into computers, dooms day prepping or anything like that. There are other sites that do that better than this one.

To understand Spy Living, you have to understand what type of life we want to live. We take our way of livings by using the “Spy’s” we have seen in movies and television. Spy’s like James Bond, Jason Bourne, Michael Weston and others to guide us in our decision making.

We reject the idea of bigger and more. Instead we accept the notion of experiences. Whether that is travel or a beautifully tailored suit, how we feel while we are doing, wearing or experience is paramount to spy living.

So how do we accomplish this?

Well, first of all, we start thinking how a spy in the movies would live. We then make decisions in our life about freedom and experiences.

Living: It is seldom that you see a big McMansion in the suburbs with lots of furniture. Instead a small flat in the city with a great view and access to everything a spy needs is ideal. The ability to move fast is key.

Dress: No longer are we buying tons of throw away clothes that last a year and have to be replaced. Instead, we buy quality, classic items that last a while. Not only are we buying quality items that last longer and fit better, they also make us feel better when we wear them.

Finances: A spy needs to be prepared mentally and financially for anything that is thrown on to him. That means if they have to get on a plane at a moments notice, help out a colleague in need, there is always a safety net available.

Physical: The day of the fat overweight spy is over. Now the spy needs to be in great shape, lean, agile with stamina. Not only is our health important, but clothes look better, we have more energy and we spend less time from recovery.

As you go through the site, you will notice everything revolves around our manifesto. Items we review and suggest are more expensive but last longer, are built better, look fabulous and you are no longer a me to.

I invite you to read through the site. Do you have an idea or product that would be perfect for the spyliving audience, go ahead and contact me.

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