So its January as I write this and everyone and their brother is joining a workout program, including myself. About two years ago, while doing some research for another project, I came upon a workout program that was targeted to the non workout crowd. Now I don’t want to say the name of it because I do like what he (the founder) is doing and I don’t want to sabotage what he is trying to accomplish.

Edit: As I write this I am pulling myself out of a negative mind set myself. It is all easy for us to do and we all fall into the trap. If anything, look at this article as me scolding myself and trying to move forward. Not necessarily bashing on people having trouble in life…

The Facebook Group

So because I bought the program, I was able to request permission for the Facebook group. there were two, one for men and one for women. I of course, used the men’s version. And I joined and didn’t really do anything. And let me tell you why…

It was depressing. Not the entire group mind you. but 80% amounted to pure and utter failure. And not just talking failure at the workout program, but failure at everything. failure at marriage, failure at jobs. failure at meeting girls. and it would be OK if these happened sometimes, because we all fail at one point, but outside of a few people posting about their successes, it was nothing but failure.

Then the sensitivity of these boys. I call them boys because no man would act like this. Bitching and moaning about failure and dear god don’t you dare speak wrong speak, or cross another members opinion because you will get just blasted by people.

One failure asked for help, when I asked for some details to help him out, he went off about privacy and not wanting to give those details in a public forum. What? They go pay someone asshole.

Another failure kept starting over because he couldn’t last a month, let alone two weeks. Still another one opted for surgery, the fast way out.

To be fair, life does happen. Marriages fall apart, kids take up a ton of time, jobs get lost. But half the time they were shouting into an echo chamber waiting for just the right answer they wanted.

I quit the forum

Why I didn’t quit it earlier, I am still trying to figure it out. Because I have a rule in life. Surround yourself with people that empower you to succeed. If you surround yourself with winners… You will win. Maybe not at the degree they do, but you will still win. Winners bread winners.

Can you guess what happens when you surround yourself with failures and losers? Yep, you fail and you lose. And it is a vicious cycle that takes you down a rabbit hole you don’t want to go. With depression, with lack of confidence, with loneliness, with everything that comes with being a loser.

Why Won’t I tell you the program

I won’t tell you the program, because that is not the point. Any program, if you follow it, will help you lose weight if you commit to it. So the problem is not the program and the program creator. It is unfortunately the losers it attracts. And unless they decide to take charge of their lives, start thinking critically, and make a lasting change, they will continue to be losers.

I would be willing to bet, that any program that has a forum will be filled with a percentage of failures and winners. My advice is only stay and participate in those that breed winning. If all it is are people bitching and moaning and starting over, run, not walk to the nearest exit.

In fact, do this any time in life. If the people you are surrounded by are destroying you, then change. And for those of you that tell me, I don’t have the money. Then simple, instead of sitting in your room playing videos games in the dark, get a second job. It will get you out of that house or apartment full of negativity, put money in your pocket and most likely wear yourself out at the same level as the negativity that comes.

Before you say I am a jerk

Many will read this and their first response is, he is a jerk, he is an asshole. I have had a ton of adversary in my life. I will have more, you will have it, and I don’t mean to come off judgemental and unfair. I have been in those situations of despair. Quitting is not failing. And sometimes you fail by not quitting. Quit being around negative people. Quit going to the same negative places. Quit surrounding yourself with those with a failure mindset.

Be a winner. one small win can snowball into large wins. And I want you to be a winner. So lets get started winning.