This Covid 19 thing really made life difficult. Not only did moving screw up my routine and lose me access to a gym, but when we finally found a place, COVID19 shut down the gym in my building. Living in a 1 bedroom apartment with two people trying to work from was frankly next to impossible. 

We then moved to moms to give us the most flexibility and sat it out for a few months while this crazy world tried to screw everyone over. I will be frank, I have gained weight. Not a lot mind you, but enough that clothes are not fitting right.

The great thing is we are now settled into a new apartment. My business is going well and my girls job is doing great. Eventually her office has a gym we will be able to go to but can you guess what I am gonna say? Yep, not open. I can’t wait any longer. I need to do something.

But obviously I am not the only one. Go to Dicks Sporting good, shelves are empty of weights. I wanted to get the bowflex adjustable dumbbells but those are taking at least a month to ship. So like anything you have to adjust and figure out things. So what I decided to do is get a single kettlebell and a resistance band.

I bought a 25 pound kettle bell which, whole not the heaviest, is something I can work with for a couple months until either the gyms open up, or I bite the bullet and buy a 35 pound kettle bell. Between those two items I have been getting some good workouts.

Building the Habit

There is a lot of research that says if you do something 100 times, you develop a new habit. Some things I am sure it takes longer, and some it takes less time, but my goal is 100 workouts with the kettlebell. And to really develop the habit, i am doing workouts every day.

Normally, you are told to only work out 2 or 3 times a week. But instead of doing 30 to 40 minute workouts a couple times a week, I am doing short workouts every day for the next 100 days. I have seen some trainers that say small workouts every day versus large workouts a couple times a week can actually build more muscle fibers and more muscle memory since they are being challenged all the time.

The other reason I am trying to do it every day is because I may have to do some traveling which will not allow me to do those workouts every single day. The goal is to make a workout part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth and taking a shower.

So far since September 1, I have worked out every single day. So since I am writing this on September 5, that is 5 days in a row. Between the kettlebell and the resistance bands, I am able to hit all my body parts.

What I am loving about the kettlebell and band routine is it is not making me overly sore and tired like going to the gym hard. So I can feel the burn in my muscles, but I am not dead tired the next two days like with an over heavy workout. The other thing I absolutely love is every kettlebell exercise seems to hit your core. It is almost impossible not to flex your core when you are working out.

And since everything builds off the core, this to me is ideal.  Add in the bands and you are getting a nice back workout without having to worry about hooking a pull up bar and damaging the wood work. I also have a TRX band set, but I haven’t found a use for it yet.

Are you building your habit?

How have you coped with these lockdowns? Are you gaining weight or have you picked up your home workouts? Or are you in an area that doesn’t have as heavy of lockdowns. Let me know what you think.