If you ever come to Hawaii you will notice it is the proverbial melting pot. There is a huge Asian population and in particular, there is a huge Japanese population. Hawaii is also a very popular vacation destination for Japanese nationals. Your menus will see typical Kanji characters and even shuttles designed for the Japanese tourists.

One place that is very popular to go to is the Ala Moana Center which is a huge shopping center in the middle of the city with every high end shop you can imagine. From Rolex, to Gucci, it’s an interesting place to go to. One particular area at Ala Moana is Shirokiya Japanese Village Walk.


Every once in a while we will head over and have either lunch and/or dinner. We will pick up a Bento box, sushi or some ramen. The other night I decided to film when we went to show you what you can see when you head to Hawaii.

If you have been to Shirokiya, leave a comment below or on my Youtube channel.